We use Sterling Legal on the odd occasion where our client does not respond to our efforts in credit control or to Sterling’s debt recovery service. On each occasion they have been professional and extremely cost effective, giving me the confidence that I am getting good value and not throwing good money after bad.

We used Sterling Legal in a complex adjudication case in which our debtor had instructed a top City law firm. Graeme did a thorough job in analysing the position, putting together a case so strong that he made the other side look disorganised. We were successful and managed to get the debt paid quickly. Sterling are very easy to work with and seem to have our best interests at heart. It’s good to be able to call on a lawyer who we know we can trust who doesn’t charge the earth. 

Whilst we avoid legal action wherever possible there have been occasions where we have had to call on Sterling Legal’s services to get our outstanding bills paid. We have used other law firms in the past and one of the important differences we have noticed with Sterling is that they give us good honest advice, even advising against action where there’s a chance it may cost us more than we are able to recover. They have also been very creative in their approach which has meant that they have managed to get payment in all cases we have referred to them without the expense and delay of a court hearing. Their objectives are in line with ours, i.e. to get payment as quickly and as cost effectively as possible. This differs from other law firms we have used where they have a simple objective of getting judgement without considering whether the costs outweigh the likelihood of recovering the debt.